How it works

We have created a new exciting way to send flowers. Our goal is to completely change the way flowers are sent and received here in beautiful New Zealand, providing a better alternative to the traditional ‘big guys’ in the floristry business.

We are currently delivering fresh, affordable flowers Auckland wide!


So what’s our plan?

It’s simple really- provide fresh, seasonal flowers with a designer edge but with an affordable price tag!

Doesn’t get much better than that does it?


So how will we go about doing this you may ask?

Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday we are up super early buying the freshest, seasonal flowers we can get our hands on. We then upload a market fresh design to our website and social media accounts by 10am.These designs are available in three sizes

-Petite posy the perfect just because bunch at $30

-Our standard Signature posy bag for a sweet price of $50

-A larger, luxe posy bag for $70 (this larger option also offers the choice between a posy bag or Kraft paper packaging option.)

Mondays Design is available for Monday and Tuesday Delivery

Wednesdays Design is available for Wednesday and Thursday Delivery

Fridays Design is available for Friday and Saturday Delivery


You hop online and check what’s on offer for the day – either on our website or through our social media accounts and place your order. Make sure you connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to get updates!

Each Product is available for a one off purchase or you can subscribe to make it a regular thing!


We deliver- We do same day delivery, your flowers will either be delivered personally by our Ruby Rose team or by our super awesome specialised courier service!

It’s as simple as that!

Remember because we only do our three designs a week when we run out, that’s it- we don’t carry over stock, this is so we can guarantee every bunch of flowers you receive are fresh.

You can pre-order our daily flowers and whilst we cannot tell you exactly what the flowers will be I can promise they will always be beautiful, fresh and packaged in our signature style.


follow us to see what are we up to @rubyroseflowers