Why every workplace needs flowers

Flowers can improve overall health and well being, so why not incorporate them into your workplace? They will have a lasting positive effect on your staff and visitors! 
  1. They can add decoration to a dull workplace

Not only are they inexpensive, you can change them up often with different colours and flowers to keep it interesting. Perfect for a workplace that likes to update their décor often. Fresh flowers are sure to get everyone's creative juices flowing. 

  1. Flowers can help with productivity

Incorporating flowers into your workplace has been scientifically linked to an increase in concentration levels and productivity. Studies have shown that universities and schools also benefit from displaying flowers around their buildings. Being around flowers can make you more focused and attentive. Not only do they look gorgeous, they can also assist with efficiency of staff which is a win-win situation! 

  1. Flowers improve your mood

Coming to work on a Monday morning can often be uninspiring for staff. A quick and easy way to brighten everyone’s mood is to have a fresh delivery of flowers. Their moods will instantly be lifted from looking at the beautiful display as well as the lovely smell they give off.


At Ruby Rose we have weekly corporate arrangements on offer!

Add a touch of wow to your work environment!

We offer gorgeous, weekly corporate flowers. The perfect way to enhance a workspace.

We can come in and have a chat, look at your space and work out together how best to incorporate fresh flowers into your office, retail store or anything in-between.

* Weekly or fortnightly deliveries.

*Designed specifically for your space with different styles, colours and flowers to suit your preferences and environment.

*From $60 including delivery and vase hireage.

Enquire now via our website!



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