Sympathy Flowers

When someone loses their life it can be difficult to express your support towards their family and friends. Sending flowers is a lovely gesture to show that you care when it can be hard to find the right words. Here are some flowers that will be appropriate for this hard time and what they convey.


White lilies represent the soul of the departed. Specifically, they signify that the soul has entered heaven and regained innocence. They are by far one of the most favoured bereavement flowers and often present at funerals.


Simple and beautiful, the white rose symbolises eternal love and remembrance. A lovely choice for sympathy flowers as they are also symbolic of deep respect. 


Chrysanthemums are historically linked to grief and mourning. In some areas in Europe they are placed on tombstones.


White orchids are a gorgeous choice to express your sympathy. They are symbolic of condolences and tranquillity.

If you're wanting to send some sympathy flowers give us a call or come and visit us at 1/317 Parnell Road. Show your condolences with a beautiful Ruby Rose sympathy bouquet. 



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