Protea Season! ❄️

The colder months are upon us, which means that winter flowers are coming into season. One of our most favourite winter flowers are proteas. Not only are they long lasting, they can also withstand wildfires. Proteas can endure some of the most extreme weather conditions.

They are also one of the oldest flowers in the world, and are thought to have been around for more than 300 million years.

This fascinating flower has around 1500 diverse species in its family.

They are named after the Greek God Poseidon’s son, who was names Proteus. Proteus had the ability to alter his identity and disguise himself. This relates to the fact that there are many different variations of proteas.


Another name for proteas is “sugarbushes” due to the excessive amount of nectar they create.  

Proteas are symbolic of diversity, bravery and change. They are also the national flower of South Africa.


Available from March to November, their gorgeous and rich blush tones will assist with keeping those winter blues at bay.

Add them to a beautiful and seasonal bouquet and they will instantly brighten up the winter months!



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