Mother’s Day Flowers and their Meaning🌸💐🌷

Only a few days left until Mother's Day! We have been super busy here at Ruby Rose fulfilling lots of orders for the big day 🌹

This week we have put together a blog post about some of the most popular Mother's Day flowers and what they convey to mum. 


You can never go wrong with gifting roses to your loved ones on special occasions, especially Mother’s Day. They are classically beautiful and the various colours hold different meanings. For Mother’s Day you could go with a pale pink rose which symbolises gentleness and appreciation. On the other hand, a yellow rose is symbolic of friendship and red roses represent passion.



Lilies are also a popular flower for Mother’s Day bouquets. They are symbolic of purity and beauty which makes them a suitable choice. They are also considered to be one of the more sophisticated and classy flowers to gift. White lilies are particularly gorgeous and give off a lovely fragrance.


Orchids are typically associated with luxury and elegance. They are an exotic flower which are said to be symbolic of “many offspring and children” according to old Chinese tradition. They’re a lovely choice for those wanting to spoil their mothers and also last well over time which is a bonus.   



Tulips are a simple yet tasteful flower option. They are perfect for a mum that is easy going and high spirited. They express joy and warmth and overall are a very cheerful flower. Pink tulips symbolise care while yellow tulips symbolise radiance.






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