Flowers Can Improve Your Mental Health

Next time you are thinking about buying a bunch of flowers for someone you care about, you may want to consider the positive influence they can have on mental health! 
  1. Flowers can help to reduce anxiety

Plenty of New Zealanders deal with anxiety on a daily basis. The 2011/2012 New Zealand health survey found that 6.1% of NZ adults struggle with anxiety disorders. There are many ways to manage anxiety, including with flowers. Flowers are proven to be soothing and therapeutic as they can provide short term relief for your frame of mind.

  1. Flowers can influence our emotions

Depending on the choice of colour and who they are received from, flowers can bring out different moods in us. Red flowers can induce feelings of true love and passion, while yellow flowers bring on feelings of joy, content and friendship. Pink flowers can trigger feelings of romance, love and compassion. White flowers are associated with feelings of purity, sympathy and innocence. Flowers can also be associated with a personal relationship which may remind us of good or bad memories.

  1. Flowers can assist with sleep

Flowers are a great addition to your sleep environment. They can aid with relaxation with the scents they give off as well as improve air quality. Flowers that have been found to improve the quality of sleep are jasmine, lavender and peace lily. These flowers are a great visual accessory for your bedroom which will also provide health benefits.

  1. Flowers can help your memory

Rosemary in particular has been found to help people recall memories. Researchers have found that rosemary is a cognitive enhancer from various experiments. The scent alone in rosemary can be enough to improve memory performance. There is also evidence that if you smell a particular flower while you read a piece of information, your brain brings back that information every time the flower is smelt.

  1. Flowers improve productivity

Incorporating flowers into your workplace or home is linked to an increase in concentration levels and productivity. Studies have shown that universities and schools also benefit from displaying flowers around their buildings. Being around flowers can make you more focused and attentive.



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