Easter Flowers

Easter is a special time of year as It’s the last holiday we get before Winter arrives.

The combination of the bright Easter flower arrangements and Easter eggs are a great pick-me-up as we approach the colder months. Some of the best choices of flowers for the Easter holiday are lilies, tulips, asters and roses.

Lilies: One of the most popular Easter flowers. Lilies are a very spiritual flower as they are mentioned in the Bible. They also symbolise the Virgin Mary.

Tulips: Tulips are thought to be one of the first flowers to bloom as Spring comes along. They symbolise passion, love and new life.   

Aster: These are often known as the “Easter daisy.” They bloom around Easter time each year and symbolise love and patience. 

Roses: The five petals on a rose are symbolic of Jesus’ Crucifixion. White roses in particular represent innocence and purity.  

Flowers are always a great gift to give to your friends or family at Easter time. At Ruby Rose you can certainly find a bouquet to match your tastes and preferences, or even build your own. 



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