5 Tips to Keep Your Flowers Alive for Longer

The age old question to do with flowers is how do you keep them alive for longer? A bouquet is a lovely gift to receive, but it can be very disappointing when it starts to look lifeless after only a few days. We have put together a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your flowers. 
  1. Cut the stems

Trimming the stems regularly at a 45 degree angle will increase water retention. As well as this, trimming them underwater will stop excess air from making its way into the stems. 

  1. Remove leaves from the water level and below

This will ensure the water stays fresher for longer and will minimise bacteria which prevents the flowers from rotting.

  1. Remove wilted flowers

Dying flowers produce a gas which can result in other flowers wilting, so it is best to remove them to prevent other flowers from dying early.  

  1. Refresh the water daily

It is important to remove debris from the water on a daily basis, as this will keep the flowers fresh and reduce the chance of infection.

  1. Use a clean vase or container

Wider vases are better, as they ensure the stems are not crammed in too tight. It is essential to clean your vase before placing your flowers in it, as this will decrease the chance of bacteria spreading.  






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